As a saxophone repairman and builder, I was looking for an original gift for my customers. It had to be something typically Belgian.


Our small country is a global player in gastronomy. Good food and drinks is in our genes. Playing saxophone makes you thirsty, so the most obvious choice was beer - Belgian beer!

The roots of Belgian beer go back to the Middle Ages. The wealth of Belgian beers is internationally acclaimed by renowned beer experts such as Michael Jackson *.

* world renowned beer connoisseur - not the now deceased “King of Pop”


The beer that came on the market in 2012 was named “Adolphe Sax”, named after the Belgian inventor of the saxophone, born in Dinant.

The first Adolphe Sax beer was a dark one

amber beer of 6.5 ° Alc.


In 2019 we went for a graceful blond, light amber delicacy of 6.5 ° Alc.

Adolphe Sax has a medium body and pours a slightly cloudy beer with a white head. The pleasant mild sweet-malty taste with a fruity nose and a slightly bitter aftertaste is easy for everyone to drink.